Where can the relevant human rights due diligence guidance and frameworks be found?

This page contains two types of sources. Firstly, sources explicitly mentioned on the previous pages (“what?”, “why?” and “how?”), with their corresponding hyperlinks for further consultation, are arranged by the institution that released. Secondly, there is a bibliography of sources consulted to draft the tool, which can be useful for further inquiry about the topic.

United Nations (UN)
Human rights due diligence (HRDD)

UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights 2011

The Corporate responsibility to respect Human Rights 2012

UNGP Reporting Framework

UN Global Compact Sustainable Supply Chains website

A Structured Process To Prioritize Supply Chain Human Rights Risks 2015

Supply chain sustainability – a practical guide for continuous improvement 2015

UN Global Compact Model 2010

Human rights impact assessments (HRIA)

UNICEF Children’s Rights in Impact Assessments 2013

Human Rights Impact Assessments. A Study commissioned by the Nordic Trust Fund and The World Bank 2013

IFC Performance standards on environmental and social sustainability 2012

Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)

Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises, 2011 edition

Due Diligence Guidance for Responsible Business Conduct 2018

European Union (EU)
Human rights due diligence (HRDD)

EU Questionnaire to raise SME awareness of CSR 2015

EU Directive on Non-financial reporting 2014/95/EU 2014


National Action Plan for Business and Human Rights 2017

Belgian Corporate Governance Code 2009

Initiatives from other countries
Human rights due diligence (HRDD)

France – Duty of vigilance law 2017

United Kingdom – Modern Slavery Act 2015

Netherlands – Child Labour Due Diligence Bill 2015

Human rights impact assessments (HRIA)

The Danish Institute for Human Rights - HRIA Guidance and Toolbox 2015

Institute for Human Rights and Business resource center on supply chains

Non- state guidelines and reports
Human rights due diligence (HRDD)
CSR Europe

CSR Europe’s Toolbox – User Manuel 2013

Blue print for Embedding Human Rights in Key Company Functions 2016

British Institute of International and Comparative Law and Norton Rose Fulbright

Making sense of managing human rights issues in supply chains 2018


Bringing a human rights lens to stakeholder engagement 2013

From audit to innovation: advancing human rights in global supply chains 2013

Respecting Human Rights Through Global Supply Chains 2012

Institute for Human Rights and Business

Institute for Human Rights and Business resource center on supply chains


Multinationals and Conflict, International Principles and Guidelines for Corporate Responsibility in Conflict-affected Areas 2014

Responsible Supply Chain Management – Potential Success Factors and Challenges for Addressing Prevailing Human Rights and other CSR Issues in Supply Chains of EU-based Companies.2011, SOMO and CREM, study funded by the European Commission

Human rights impact assessments (HRIA)
IMPACT Project Consortium, funded by the European Union

The Practitioners Handbook - From CSR to CIAM: Corporate Impact Assessment and Management, the Maturity and Integration Assessment 2014


Conducting an effective human rights impact assessment 2013

Oxfam and FIDH

Oxfam and FIDH “Getting it Right” tool 2011