Human rights self-assessment compliance

Where can other self-evaluation instruments be found?

This page contains two types of sources. Firstly, sources explicitly mentioned on the previous pages (“what?”, “why?” and “how?”), with their corresponding hyperlinks for further consultation, are arranged by the institution that released. Secondly, there is a bibliography of sources consulted to draft the tool, which can be useful for further inquiry about the topic.

International Organisations
Uited Nations (UN)

Realising the Human Rights To Water And Sanitation: A Handbook By The UN Special Rapporteur Catarina De Albuquerque Checklists

Sustainable Development Goals Acceleration Toolkit

Child Rights and Security Checklist

UNFPA A Human Rights-Based Approach To Programming: Harvard School of Public Health and the Gender, Human Rights and Culture Branch of the UNFPA Technical Division (GHRCB)

UN Global Compact

The UN Global Compact self-assessment on human rights

The Interactive Map for Business of Anti-Human Trafficking Organisations

Linking the Sustainable Development Goals and International Human Rights Instruments

Linking Human Rights and Anti-Corruption Compliance

Integrating Concern for Human Rights into the Mergers & Acquisitions Due Diligence Process

Guide to Corporate Sustainability Shaping a Sustainable Future (2014)

European Union (EU)

The EU Questionnaire to raise SME awareness of CSR

My business and human rights

Opportunity and Responsibility How to help more small businesses to integrate social and environmental issues into what they do Ref. Ares(2015)2100573 - 20/05/2015


MVO zelf-scan

UGent Checklist

Checklist voor de GDPR: maak je bedrijf compliant in 13 stappen

Non-state initiatives
CSR Europe/ Enterprise 2020

The MIA: Maturity and Integration Assessment

The “Blueprint for Embedding Human Rights in Key Company Functions”

CSR Europe's Toolbox for a Competitive and Responsible Europe.

Get Value Guide Your Company’s Sustainability Journey 


The Amfori Sustainability Intelligence Dashboard 

The ESCR-Net members and partners of Business & Human Rights Resource Centre

Business impacts on human rights check list

Databases that support self-assessments of human rights compliance

The Future-Fit Business Benchmark

CAPSSI Collective Awareness Platforms for Sustainability and Social Innovation


The Corporate Human Rights Benchmark (CHRB) 

Sedex Advance

A Business and Human Rights Checklist for In-House Counsel

A Business and Human Rights Checklist for In-House Counsel

Initiatives from other countries
The Danish Institute for Human Rights

Human Rights Compliance Assessment

 The Human Rights Compliance Quick Check

Customized Checklists

Linking the Universal Periodic Review to sustainable development Explore the connections between the recommendations of the UPR and the SDGs

The Human Rights Guide to the Sustainable Development Goals

CSR Compass Denmark

Ethical Trading Initiative - Norway (ETI -Norway): A Practitioner’s Guide to Ethical Trade

The self-assessment questionnaires for suppliers and agents/importers

The IEH's risk analysis database tool (RAID

The Netherlands

MVO risk checker

The UK

Business and Human Rights Toolkit

 Co-operatives UK on modern slavery

 Co-operatives UK on the GRDP


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Davis R. and Kovick D. (2014) Organizing the Human Rights Function within a Company: A Good Practice Noted endorsed by the UN Global Compact Human Rights and Labour Working Group and Shift. https://www.shiftproject.org/resources/publications/organizing-human-rights-function-within-company/

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